Welcome, Accessible Media Producers

Registering as an Accessible Media Producer

If you or your agency does work converting NIMAS into accessible formats for use by students, we invite you to register for an accessible media producer (AMP) account with the NIMAC. While Authorized Users of the NIMAC must be designated by the State Coordinator, AMP accounts are available to anyone who wishes to register. However, AMP accounts are more limited, as AMPs can only download files assigned to them by an Authorized User.

Registering as an Accessible Media Producer with the NIMAC is free. Contact us and we will send you the registration link.

When you receive the registration link, the NIMAC Limitation of Use Agreement will be included as an attachment. Please print it out, initial each page, and fill out section 14.0. Then return the document to us.

You are welcome to email us a scan of the complete document at nimac@aph.org.

Or, if you prefer, you can mail a hard copy to:

National Instructional Materials Access Center
1839 Frankfort Ave.
Louisville, KY 40206-0085

When we receive the signed LUA, your account will be activated and you will receive your user ID and password information in two separate, automated emails.

Once your account has been activated, Authorized Users can assign files to you for download!


AMP Resources

NIMAC v3 Accessible Media Producer Training

The NIMAC is pleased to announce the release of a new online system, effective March 21, 2017! The video below will walk you through the new system and highlight new features and enhancements.

The NIMAC Limitation of Use Agreement

All AUs and AMPs that register with the NIMAC must submit a Limitation of Use Agreement. This document is automatically emailed to the new user as a part of the registration process.

It can also be found here: NIMAC Limitation of Use Agreement

Free Conversion Tools

NIMAS requires conversion before use by students. AMPs use a variety of commercial and proprietary software to produce accessible formats using NIMAS source files. For information on AT and software that can convert and/or render NIMAS, please visit NIMAS Conversion Tools at CAST.

Techadapt also makes available a free tool for converting NIMAS into RTF, HTML or DAISY. Please note, however, that this software is no longer being updated or supported by the manufacturer. It can be found at: TechAdapt Accessible Media Center Tool (TAMC)

The CAST NIMAS conversion tool can be found at: CAST NIMAS Tool.


MathML is an XML language that is used to make mathematical expressions and scientific notation accessible. It is optional for NIMAS, however the US Department of Education has strongly encouraged SEAs and LEAs to require MathML when they include NIMAS language in their print book adoption contracts.

Have questions about MathML? Visit our MathML Resources page or email us at nimac@aph.org for more assistance. We are happy to help!

The AMP Database at APH

Want to promote your services? Consider registering your organization in the AMP Database at APH. This database is not connected with the NIMAC, but is a separate self-listing directory where you can promote the services that you offer. For more information, visit the AMP Database at APH.